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Spring Harvest

April 02, 2015

For anyone who lives through a winter, spring can't come soon enough. This year in the Pacific Northwest, it came five weeks earlier than usual. Our city landscape boasts colorful tree paintings all over town and bulbs have forced up their underground gifts weeks ago. Fruition is in the works and green is everywhere I turn. And, right now, tea gardens all over Asia, India & Africa have mostly begun plucking the first flush or first pick of spring. I love the anticipation this time of year, wondering what 2015 Mao Feng will taste like, or, if this year's crop of sencha will be as good as last year's. We have suddenly run out of Green Green Grass of Home, our sencha mint blend, but I can promise that our other Japanese tea - Genmaicha with Mizuba matcha powder - called "I Got You" is as fresh and bright as ever. Green is on our mind here at T Project and so, when you order any of our green teas, you'll get 20% off for the month of April. Discount code is "green" ~ Happy Sipping!