SUMMER POP UP FRIDAY 7.21 4-7 PM: New matcha, Linea Garments & Eso Esto Ceramics

November 12, 2015

I was thrilled to read this from Willamette Week. Thank you to Lizzy Acker who really "got" T Project. It's all in the details, yes and we live in a busy world that has lost and overlooked so many of the details in life. We're too busy trying to buy the fancy next car or something. Tea is simple...Here's her review on my new space:

T Project is more an artist studio than a tea shop. The eclectic Northwest spot, which opened this year, is a homey crossroads of owner (and sole employee) Teri Gelber's widely varied interests, where she shares her love of tea, art and community with anyone who wanders in. Inside the small former design studio, Gelber serves tea and sells other items she loves: art, jewelry, ceramics and even a few nightgowns. In the back, she blends and packages T Project tea, which she sells to local restaurants like Nostrana and Coquine, and are also available online. Her teas are blends she creates to let the tea take center stage while still allowing for inventive flavor combinations. Gelber lives in every detail of T Project, from her organic ingredients to the names of her teas (all classic-rock songs). Stop by and try three teas ($6), as well as whatever Gelber is sampling for the day, or get a tea to go while you stroll the neighborhood. Make sure to ask for the "I Got You," a toasty genmaicha with matcha powder, and the "Marrakesh Express," a minty, citrusy herbal blend. LIZZY ACKER.