June 05, 2018

Oregon keeps me on my toes. The fickleness of spring could mean a 40 degree drop in temperature within a day, or those sudden downpours followed by a ration of heat and sun. Come late May, like the blossoms busting out everywhere, I’m ready to pop! I miss my friends, I miss rose on the deck, and I’m tired of my boots. The best part is you want to drink tea year-round here and that's something I've got plenty of. Since we’re on the subject of tea, please note that our organic matcha finally arrived from a new farm in Shizuoka made with Okumidori leaves, sweet and rich. Order matcha now for free shipping within USA with this code: arrived (all lower case) through June 14th. You might even get your dad hooked on matcha with a gift for him for Father’s day.

There’s a lot going on at the studio this month. June 9th, one of our favorite local designers, Jess Beebe, joins us for her seasonal Linea popup showing her new summer garments made with fabrics from all over the world. Jess will also bring her collection of vintage textiles to boro patchwork for you, so gather your favorite pair of jeans or anything else to patch (priced according to size). We will have treats and tea, as always. And JESS!

June 22nd: DOMESTIC PLEASURES opens Friday evening 4-6:30. Shelley Turley will exhibit a few of her seductive and mysterious paintings alongside Hazel Miller and a few of my other favorite artists. Please come by and support these talented people. Wine and snacks and tea, always! Another email reminder with more details will follow soon.

June 23rd: POP UP TEA SOCIAL: Amylk joins us to sample and sell delicious nut milks that are hands-down, the best I’ve ever tasted. They are nothing like the supermarket versions you’ve tasted, so please stop by. Kate from Morsel Code Cookie Co. will bring her paleo baked goods that are addictive and not to be missed. And, Kate’s studio mate from Motha Butta will bring over her eccentric collection of Coconut butters, like vanilla bean matcha. It will be a delicious day here from 1-4 PM, tea, ETC.

Coming to my Senses, Alice Waters

Radical Dharma, Wiliams, Owens & Syedullah 

Tuung, British electronica folk group

On Being, Krista Tippett podcast

Zero + Maria Cornejo Pink and Red Summer collection (of which I can’t afford a thing)

Lots of Rhubarb, new potatoes and fava beans. Recipe to come soon.

Having traded in beach days in February, gardening year round and lots of art museums for the long dark winters, hot stews, and calmer lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest, I can make it year round here because this place goes technicolor in May and stays that way through November! Seriously, I felt like I moved to a Hollywood set when I found myself driving around the Northeast Portland neighborhoods, untouched since the thirties. That was 14 years ago and all of that has changed now that so many migrants like myself have found our fair city. Oh well, progress is progress, and here we all are, voting, rebel rousing, making stuff and hoping for a better braver new world. We can do this! Together. Please join T Project for our activities and events in our special shop: 723 NW 18th Avenue in NW Portland. Check website homepage for updated hours too! We can show the art by appointment and I'm always up for selling you my organic artisan teas!