October 16, 2018

This past summer I had too much fun. Too much of anything causes imbalance and I woke up one early September morning feeling utterly empty, depressed and burned out. Where did the bright and buzzy Teri go? I took a trip to the hot springs to access my current state, meditate and hike by the river. It was obvious that daily indulgences, sweets, carbs, too much alcohol, etc...were no longer working. After a strict change in diet, I'm happy to report that I'm in good shape and ready for my busy season. My focus and positive attitude is back in gear, thankfully. Remember: Food is Medicine! And so are TEXTILES and TEA! And don't forget TO VOTE!!!!
This coming Saturday here at the shop, from 12-2, we'll sip tea and chat about our ballots and candidates. I'd love to get your take on things. And, I'll also be out in my beautiful hood in Mt. Tabor with the Neighborhood Leader Program, going door to door, reminding people to vote. Check this out if you have time to help get out the vote. We can't mess around right now, too much is at stake!
NEW IN THE STORE: Please stop by to see new textiles and join in on Portland Textile Month. Here's the calendar. We have beautiful new homewards and goods in the store from Hilos Textiles,  a family run project bringing handmade and fair trade artisan textiles from the Fabrica San Pedro in Michoacan, Mexico to Portland. Hilos refers to the threads that tie families and friends together over generations. We believe in ethically supporting artisans and keeping the hand weaving tradition alive.
WORKSHOP: OCTOBER 27th. The basis for most textiles is the yarn or thread with which they are made. A Turkish spindle is a wonderful and ancient tool that can be used in a variety of ways to create these different threads. This class, taught by Ilisha Helfman, provides an overview of lots of possibilities for using Turkish spindles. Nothing is lovelier than watching beautifully patterned layers of spun strands pile up on your spindle and watching them reveal themselves again in reverse order as you use your yarn. Learn to wind gorgeous cops (yarn balls) onto your spindle, to ply from your cops, and to use them for easy skein winding. There will be time for individual attention and students will receive tea and cookies as well as: A variety of small samples of different fibers to try plus a 1 page handout. Beautiful Turkish spindles will be available for purchase in class if needed. Cost for class: $68.00. Please pay and reserve your seat soon:
MEDITATION: NOVEMBER 3rd Please join me for a fall renewal meditation on Saturday 11/3 from 12-1 PM. We'll sit in a circle, breath, stretch and sip tea before our 20 minute meditation. $12 covers tea & a donation to Rose Haven Women's Shelter. This is my way of connecting and passing along peace in these tumultuous times. 
ENNEAGRAM WORKSHOP: If you're like me, you've been wondering what all this talk about Enneagram is about. Come find out over tea and snacks with my inspired friend. Ashlee is a certified coach with a passion for holistically teaching an ancient personality assessment known as the Enneagram. This tool is a catalyst for deep transformational work. Join in for an afternoon of introduction to the Enneagram. Saturday, 11.10 from 12-2:30  $35/ticket