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Limited Spring/Summer Tea Edition with Portland artist Anya Spielman

Posted by Teri Gelber on

Here we are, well into our gorgeous Northwestern spring season. The cherry trees are embellishing our streets and littering our gardens with their soft pink petals reminding us we've arrived and made it through another wet cool winter. This season T Project has collaborated with local Portland artist Anya Spielman, whose bright ecstatic label defies the deadness of winter and welcomes the birth of spring life. The blend inside this exquisite canister is called Cherry Oh Baby. Our organic Mao Feng green tea is combined with local cherry leaves and blossoms and a hint of cherry essence to impart a sweet scent to the leaves without infringing upon the purity of the nutty and fresh tea. Don't wait to order, we only produced a small amount of this limited Spring/Summer Edition. It's delectable and collectible!

"The pops, bursts and coming undone of spring are an inspiration - things that are latent erupt suddenly in a cacophony of juicy color. Teri's gem teas, with their punctuations of electric hues, reflect the smudges and showers of color found in nature. I wanted to respond, with an image in kind, with blooms, spurts and sprigs, the evanescence of life.”  Anya Spielman

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