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Dark, Rich & Black Teas

Posted by Teri Gelber on

I drink the spectrum of teas daily. It's usually a bit of something green to start and then, by afternoon, a good strong cup of black. A tasty oolong is often in order, especially if someone stops by the tea studio or house that will share some infusions with me. If it's a rough week, I go straight to black first thing in the morning and steep a pot of green later in the day. Herbal tea is my go to for after meals for digestion and before bedtime for calming effects. I wonder what your tea schedule looks like. Email me and let me know.

Recently, a writer colleague and friend, Sara Dickerman, mentioned T Project's smoky tea called Smoke On the Water. She was referring to this being one of her favorite morning brews. However, since she's on her cleanse and blogging about it, she is avoiding all teas but herbal. I'm not opposed to a bit of green tea on a cleanse, as they are so high in anti-oxidants and other good components for our body. Here's Sara's post which could inspire you to join her fabulous Bon Appetit Cleanse for Food Lovers, or try out my Smoky tea in the meantime:

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