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Snow, ice and rain: December through April. I do love the Pacific Northwest. Did I say I truly love the Pacific Northwest? That slow-to-be-discovered love is contingent upon my essential winter tool kit: tea, sunlamp and sheepskin. While friends are huddled by the fireplace enjoying long stretches of Scrabble, knitting, and baking, I’m scowling and searching for an overhead streak of blue or a vernal bud. Come February 1st, I count the days until the spring equinox, which means it will be a tiny bit warmer with pretty flowers embellishing this fair city (yet still raining a lot). It’s a long wait, but yes, I still love it here! And while on the subject of LOVE please be sure to read the bottom of this blog post where I give you the discount code for free shipping on our fabulous Valentine's Day Gift Basket. For free shipping, order by TUESDAY FEB 6th.

Fate would have it that winter and summer reversed for me. I said good-bye to endless summers of body surfing in the Pacific, eating helados and wearing gauze dresses year-round. Instead, long wet winters came to play a very important role in my life, surprise surprise. It was those dark days, when I first moved to Portland, that drove me to create my own tea blends. Nine months out of the year, tea was my liquid saving grace (it could’ve been worse, many choose whiskey). The colder and darker it was, the more tea I consumed. I loved how quickly my tea drawer holdings diminished so I could run out and shop for a new blend. Still, each shopping venture left me yearning for something more in the tea realm. And so, along came T Project.

This winter, I was craving a robust herbal tea that wasn’t too spiced— No cinnamon, no cardamom, no cloves. Instead, a hint of lemon and a blast of ginger in a Green Rooibos base was just right. This new blend called Everybody is a Star is frisky and fiery, but also soothing, just the thing for a bleak rainy day. Green rooibos isn’t as common as its red counterpart and has a grassy citrus quality, very different from the toasty, nutty aspects of red rooibos, yet still chalk full of antioxidants. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, truly a miracle root. In traditional Chinese medicine, winter is the Yin season, a time for female energies to dominate. It’s time to rest and restore in the same way that the trees and plants are doing. On a brisk January night, I recline with a cup of this ginger blend and feel at peace.

Darkness craves light. In this politically turbulent “dark” time, I turn to music from the sixties and seventies even more and always find the messages of hope that are still relevant today. Sly and the Family Stone were the first major US rock group to have a racially integrated female and male lineup. The tea is named after the B-side of their hit Thank You. Everybody is a Star speaks to my true feelings: everyone is important. We are not separate from each other in the Dharmic and Yoga teachings. I am you, your are me, we are all part of this bigger universal energy. You don’t have to be famous or a celebrity, though Instagram and media sells this concept, making billions of dollars on it. Nope, I’m a star and you’re a star too! (Sly, you will be ALWAYS be a star to so many of us!) Now get out of your winter funk with some Sly and the Family Stone on the deck and this delicious new ginger tonic.


Winter Trees

By William Carlos Williams

All the complicated details 

of the attiring and 

the disattiring are completed! 

A liquid moon 

moves gently among 

the long branches. 

Thus having prepared their buds 

against a sure winter 

the wise trees 

stand sleeping in the cold. 


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