Hello World, It's T Project Time

March 13, 2014

T Project is a tiny tea company in Portland Oregon. Inspired to make beautiful things that reflect the poetry of nature, life and connection, I began researching the vast world of teas several years ago. As a food writer, artist, producer, and cook, I wanted to meld all of my interests into one thing I could share with friends and people all over. My tea fetish began as a child sipping sugar-sweetened Lipton with my lovely grandmother. As a teenager, I religiously treated myself to proper tea every payday after my Saturday shift at India Imports on the Santa Monica mall. Sitting alone, I'd ponder my pot of tea and which cake to choose off the roaming cart at the local British tea shop - The Tudor House. I felt so civilized and calmed, yet tantalized by the flavors of the teas and cakes and conversations. The rituals of tea have always attracted me.

I pursued tea the rest of my life, sometimes straying far in my college days of lattes, but always coming back to the delicious leaf: Camellia Sinensis. As I got older, I found that coffee, one of the best flavors on the planet, was not the best thing for my body or mind. I made the permanent switch and along the way noticed there are definite tea haters and certain tea lovers. My goal is to turn that hate into love with my unique and tasty blends. Compulsive in my habits, I can sip tea all day long without the tummy aches, the jitters or insomnia. A cup of organic Mao Feng green tea like "Wild is the Wind" in the morning, a strong cup of my chai "Indian Summer," after lunch and perhaps a little oolong or herbal tea later in the day. I hope you join me on my journey discovering blends and botanicals and moments over a nourishing cup of tea, alone or with your loved ones.

Welcome to T Project.

Photo Credit: Portland Supply Co.

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