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Golden Years

Fit for a queen or a king, these golden-tipped leaves from Yunnan make a sweet opulent brew. 

Yunnan is known for its ancient wild tea trees and expertise in tea production. This delicious golden-tipped black proves you don't have to spend to much to find a great golden-tipped variety. We spike the tea with high altitude snow chrysanthemums which add a spiced woodsy note to the caramel depth. Round on the palate with a sweet honeyed flavor, this premium tea will have you hooked on the first sip.

High Caffeine.

Ingredients: Yunnan premium gold black tea, *snow chrysanthemums

* symbol = organically grown

Brewing Instructions: Place 1 teaspoon tea leaves in a pot or cup and rinse them  quickly in a small dash of the hot water and dump the water. Add 8-10 ounces 190 degrees spring water and steep 3 minutes. Infuse 2 more times, increasing the temperature and steeping time just a little bit more with each infusion.