Tony & Teri's Community

Tony & Teri's Community

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Two is sometimes better than one! So, when Tony Tellin approached me to vibe on a tea for Family Meal PDX, a local charity raising funds for agricultural and food service workers, I emphatically blasted out : YES! And along came "Community" a chamomile blend spiked with ginger, smoke and tangerine. We like to think of it as our West Coast collaboration for this stressful time of pandemics and protests.

Our project was created via social distanced rules dropping and mailing samples to taste. What we got out of that was this beautiful full-bodied chamomile tea that Tony smoked using aged whisky barrels & then I threw in some other notes to build it outward and upward. So much fun and we're pretty stoked with the outcome and the ability to sell a tea that will benefit Family Meal PDX. 50% of all sales go to help this awesome charity. 

No caffeine.

Ingredients:  Lightly smoked Egyptian chamomile, grated ginger, cornflowers, tangerine oil

Brewing Instructions: Steep 1 heaping tablespoon in 10 ounces boiling spring water 3-5 minutes. Infuse another time if you like.