Higher Ground

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This rose-hued chamomile-fruit elixir pleases the palate & the mind. Sip your way to higher ground. 

Two hearts beat as one in this herbal blend from Portland, Oregon, hometown of Egg Press and T Project. In this collaborative blend, we wanted to reflect the transitional season and the connection of tea to the earth. We hope you enjoy this bright yet soothing chamomile hibiscus rose tea with nuances of spice and fruit.

No Caffeine

Ingredients: *Chamomile, *hibiscus, *lemon grass, *lemon verbena, *cranberries, *roses, *blueberries, & *spices


Brewing Instructions: Steep 1 heaping tablespoon in 10 ounces boiling spring water 3-5 minutes. Infuse 2 more times.