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Diamonds and Rust


Peaches and orchids cross paths in this beguiling mountain oolong that charms like no other. It keeps on charming, up to three infusions.

Our hand-rolled organic mountain oolong from Taiwan is a special tea meant to be savored, not rushed. Tropical sugar cane notes are complimented by a hint of organic dried coconut. Complex and intriguing, this medium oxidized (greener style) oolong appeals to all tea drinkers curious to expand their tea horizons. Be sure to steep this many times to "milk" all of the flavors and depth from the large full leaves that keep on expanding with each infusion of water.

Medium to High Caffeine, depending on infusions taken.

Ingredients: *Hand-rolled Taiwanese mountain oolong, *coconut


Brewing Instructions: Add 1 teaspoon tea leaves to pot or gaiwan. Add a splash of 180 degree water and swirl around to soften or rinse the tea leaves. Dump that little bit of water out and steep 2 minutes.  For the next infusions, steep a bit hotter and la bit longer. Experiment!

Diamonds and Rust,T Project , organic tea, Portland
Diamonds and Rust,T Project , organic tea, Portland