Turkish Spindles with Ilisha Helfman 10/27, 12-5 pm

The basis for most textiles is the yarn or thread with which they are made. A Turkish spindle is a wonderful and ancient tool that can be used in a variety of ways to create these different threads. This class, taught by Ilisha Helfman, provides an overview of lots of possibilities for using Turkish spindles. Nothing is lovelier than watching beautifully patterned layers of spun strands pile up on your spindle and watching them reveal themselves again in reverse order as you use your yarn. Learn to wind gorgeous cops (yarn balls) onto your spindle, to ply from your cops, and to use them for easy skein winding. Plying in beads, silk flowers and sequins will be demonstrated as will ply on the fly (chain plying as you spin your singles) which will give you a plied ball of yarn directly from fluff, in one process!
Support spindling with your Turk as well as spinning energized singles (and their uses for creating bias in fabric), will also be discussed as will thoughts on combining colors and fibers and a basic wash process to set the twist. There will be lots of Turkish spindle spun skeins made from numerous fiber mixes to examine. Special emphasis will be placed on ergonemetric hand positions to provide hours of comfort and safety and to help you spin beautifully consistent singles. In addition there will be a discussion of stained glass inspired spinning and knitting, to fill your work with luminous color and shimmer! There will be time for individual attention and students will receive tea and cookies as well as: A variety of small samples of different fibers to try plus a 1 page handout. Beautiful Turkish spindles will be available for purchase in class if needed. Cost for class: $68.00

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