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about t project

T Project is a small batch tea company based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My passion for flavor and scents, my vision of beauty, my love of quality craftsmanship and my admiration of the botanical world all meld into one cup of tea and the many lovely things that accompany it. All of our spices, herbs and flowers are carefully sourced so that you are infusing only the very best organic botanicals in your cup. Ninety percent of my teas are organic and fair trade, as these are two things I stand by firmly. For tea growers, the issue of "organic" is fraught with complexities so not all of the teas will bear the certified distinction. However, I work strictly with growers and importers of the highest integrity in order to provide my customers with a tea that I feel very good about.
The packaging for T Project is very important to me. Witnessing the thrashing of our planet and the decline of our country's manufacturing sector, I swore to myself to source only local or US made packaging whenever available, despite the huge cost difference. Of course my tea leaves would come from the tea gardens of Asia and India, however, my containers would have to made here. Each canister contains looseleaf or sachets, sealed in a plant-based (no plastics) compostable bag. Both cello bag and canister are made in the USA. The pretty canisters are made from 80% post-consumer recycled paper and we hope you will either reuse or recycle them. The teabags are made of unbleached paper tied with a strand of untreated Swedish flax thread. The outside wrap and design will continue to change and evolve as T Project collaborates with artists to produce special limited editions and seasonal collections.
Our porcelain tea ware (under Objects menu) is made exclusively for T Project by a local potter whose hand is seen and felt in each individual piece. Like the tea in your cup, it’s these collaborations and “projects” that keep my company vital, interesting and alive. The details compel me and change won’t leave me alone. I hope you notice the difference. Look for more handmade objects on the website soon. 
T Project strives to stay small, kind and delicious. As we grow, we hope to find more local farmers to procure our botanicals from. If you are interested in collaborating, by all means please contact us. We also provide tea in sachets or looseleaf to cafes and restaurants and other businesses, along with storage containers if needed. Proprietary blends available as well.
By doing things the right way, we can live up to the Japanese saying-
Sampo Yoshi - Good for seller, good for buyer, good for community.