EYE OF THE STORM: Works on Paper by Mitra Farrokhzad Dunn


"There’s always a storm brewing somewhere. At times in every single place we are connected with, affecting those and what we care about, as well as our sense of stability." 

In this series, Mitra places the viewer in the eye of the storm, where there is a respite from chaos and confusion, where it’s silent and still - even if briefly. The intent of each piece is to explore the memories and viewpoints of places and moments, the constant interplay of order and entropy, and how we can sometimes choose to see things differently and sometimes cannot help seeing them the way we do.

 Mitra Farrokhzad Dunn is a multimedia artist and graphic designer with a background in art history, painting and classical music. After completing her fine arts degree in Tehran, Iran, she continued her education in Edinburgh, Scotland, and later made the welcoming Pacific Northwest her home. Her current work combines illustration, photography and typography with a minimalistic outlook and geometric forms at the core, the latter rooted in her Persian heritage. Drawing elements from the naturally occurring and human-made, she continually experiments with combining abstract and actual, and creating unexpected and thought-provoking juxtapositions.