Green Green Grass of Home

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Refreshing to the body & soul, our deep green Japanese sencha & Oregon mint blend tells stories of fields, oceans & temples.

We blend rich Japanese sencha with a sprinkling of two Oregon mints. There's just enough minty nuance yet not so much as to overwhelm the grassy sea breeze notes of the umami in the sencha tea. Simple, we know, but still quite perfect.

Medium Caffeine

Ingredients: *Japanese sencha tea, *Oregon peppermint, *spearmint


Brewing Instructions: Steep 1 heaping teaspoon tea in 8-10 ounces 175-180 degrees spring water for 2 minutes. Infuse 2 more times.

Drink Iced: Keep this minted green tea pure and simple, or spruce it up with a grating of fresh ginger.