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I Feel Love

Flowers & fruit turn a simple black tea into a frivolous elixir that will send you to the dance floor.

If you love Earl Grey tea and all of its fragrant bergamot fruit flavor, but find it gets boring to sip 7 out of 7, we have something new and exciting for you. This romantic bergamot blend has a bit more citrus such as lemon grass, lemon myrtle and orange. A hint of lavender leaves you tasting a poetic bouquet that's smooth, surprising and elegant. Think of it as a more feminine Earl Gray or Lady Grey.

High Caffeine.

Ingredients: *Indian black teas, *orange peel, *lemon myrtle, *lemon verbena, *roses, *lavender, *bergamot essence

* symbol = organically grown

Brewing Instructions: Steep 1-2 teaspoons in 8-10 ounces 205 degrees water for 3 minutes. Steep 2 times.