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Marrakesh Express

All aboard for dreamy views of minted meadows & orange orchards surrounded by rose gardens.

Mint tea can be impossibly boring, especially if you drink it all the time as I tend to do. So, to ombat the mint ennui in my life, I created this Mediterranean blend that wakes up my palate with lively notes from my favorite herbs and flowers that hail from the sunny climate along the Mediterranean. We think it's just exotic enough, but still comforting.

No Caffeine.

Ingredients: *Oregon peppermint & *Oregon spearmint, *green rooibos, *orange peel, *lemon verbena, *rosehips, *roses, *lavender, *helichrysum, *orange essence

* symbol = organically grown

Brewing Instructions: Steep in 200 degrees spring water for 5 minutes.