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Gift Set - Matcha & Bamboo Whisk

Jumpstart your matcha sipping ritual ASAP to stay focused and energized without the afternoon crashes of coffee. The set included: a bamboo whisk "chasen" + a white 32 gram tin of organic, ceremonial grade matcha + made for T Project ceramic whisking bowl by Portland potter Katie VonLehman. Your life will change with matcha, for the better!

Directions for matcha: Using a small sieve or tea strainer over a small ceramic bowl, add 1/2 teaspoon of matcha and scrape it through the strainer into bowl to remove lumps. Add a couple of tablespoons 180 degree water and whisk the matcha into a paste. Finally, pour about 4-5 more ounces (depending how strong you like it) of the hot water and whisk until smooth and frothy. No time to waste, order your healthy green elixir set NOW!