Shine On Brightly

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Notes of dates and moscato in this silky oolong will make you beg for more. Lucky you, it can be steeped three times.

This is one of our favorite oolongs from the hillsides of Taiwan. It goes by many names: Bai Hao, Oriental Beauty, Champagne Oolong, or Dong Feng Mai Ren. From the leaf quality and the bugs that bite it to the complex processes of drying, rolling, and roasting, contribute to its sweet complex notes. If you love red wine, this is your tea.

Ingredients: *Taiwanese Bai Hao oolong


Brewing Instructions: Steep 2 teaspoons in 4-6 ounces 205 degrees spring water for about 1 minute, then infuse again for 2 minutes and a third time for 2 1/2 minutes.  Medium to Robust Caffeine.