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White Light White Heat

This divine assemblage of green tea, fruit & spices is uplifting & tastes of the heavens.

Tea is my drug, so when I was working on my holiday blend using white peony tea, it made sense to name it after a Velvet Underground song. Of course, back in the day when it was recorded in 1968, they were not referencing white tea but rather another white substance. I thought Lou Reed (if he were still on this planet) wouldn't mind my healthier more wholesome interpretation. In this delicate blend, I wanted to be mindful of winter and warmth and incorporate the best of the holiday flavors without overwhelming the palate. There's enough over-spiced tea out there and, in my opinion, a little cinnamon goes a long way. I added just a hint of that perky spice, keeping the integrity of the gorgeous White Peony and Maofeng tea leaves. The fruitiness of the cranberries and orange make you want to drink this tea all day long. And hey, aren't we all dreaming of a white Christmas?

Ingredients: *white peony tea, *Mao Feng green tea, *spices, *ginger, *lemongrass, *lemon verbena, *orange peel, *rosehips, *dried cranberries, *orange oil

*organically grown

Brewing Instructions: Steep 1-2 teaspoons tea in 8-10 ounces 185 degrees spring water for 2-4 minutes. Infuse 2 times.